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Sunrise Ridge Intermediate School9

Saint George, UT | Washington County


February 8, 2013

My 2nd kid is currently at Sunrise Ridge, and it's been fantastic for both of my kids. They have a system to be sure kids are actually learning the material, the teachers are in frequent contact with parents, and the school administration is on top of things and genuinely cares about the students. My daughter has matured so much this year, and she actually enjoys school. She gets excited about the projects they're working on, and actually likes to do homework now. This year has been the first time ever that it wasn't a struggle to get her up in the mornings. In fact, she's getting herself up and ready to go to school early for an optional before-school class. I appreciate the intermediate school format where they can help the kids transition from an elementary school setting, and be prepared to manage their time & studies, etc, when they get to middle school. Also, socially, the combination of 6th & 7th grades is a fairly comfortable mix. I know my daughter was thrilled to not be in an elementary school setting anymore. The kids here are generally well behaved & polite, neither of my kids have had any serious concerns about bullying or other problems. 2 thumbs up!

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August 9, 2011

I love Sunrise Ridge. The administration has been 100% professional & caring. The school has excellent teachers that email daily and ansers any concerns quickly. All the worries I had about middle school years, bullying social issues, & dating are just not an issue at this school. The school rules are followed and enforced. Walking into Sunrise Ridge compared to other schools in the area is a refreshing change because of the high standards the school maintains. They offer thunderbolt time which is 70 electives kids choose from from science to sports or arts. It is only offered at this school. The academics test scores are the highest in county. The school makes sure if any child struggles with a concept or subject there is extra time built in for reteaching daily. They do not let kids fall through the cracks. I am very happy that I choose to move to this area. After visiting other schools in the area Sunrise Ridge academics and standards are far above the rest.

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